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A380 Truck Wheel Alignment

A380 Truck Wheel Alignment

Features of Truck Wheel Alignment:
1. Our truck wheel alignment adopts a sensor LCD screen. The measurement results can be read directly on the screen. Our wheel alignment can work all-day even if there is no power, system or lighting.
2. It is one touch operation. Touch F4 and all operation procedures will be finished.
3. It is easy for users to understand and learn how to operate this machine.
4. It has a self-diagnostics system, which can find out systematic error and offer solutions.
5. It can attach PDA spire lamella, which makes it more convenient to location adjustment.
6. The entire production system and developed techniques ensure that the sensor can be replaced alone. It solves the problem that one sensor breaks down and the other 3 sensors can't work.
7. Our wheel alignment can detect and adjust the axles and wheels of independent suspension, rigid axle suspension and suspension-related chassis heavy duty truck, Semi-truck, common lorry, bus, trailer and truck-tractors.
8. It can detect and adjust the toe, camber, caster and axle deflection angle of heavy-duty multi-axle trucks for one time.
9. It can do wheel alignment for large truck on any flat ground. It doesn't need trench or lift. If the ground is uneven, our wheel alignment will calibrate the level first and then measure the location. Such more reference angles measurement function is very helpful for repairing the accident vehicles and the vehicles with changed chassis.

Technical Parameters of A380 Truck Wheel Alignment:

Measurement Parameters Accuracy of Measurement Measurement Range
Front Wheel Toe ±1' ±12°
Camber ±1' ±10°
Caster ±2' ±20°
King pin ±2' ±20°
Set-back ±1' ±10°
Rear Wheel Toe ±1' ±12°
Camber ±1' ±10°
Set-back ±1' ±10°
Thrust angle ±1' ±10°

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of truck wheel alignment in China. We possess 10 years' experience of producing, selling and serving. Our company's products have been exported to Sweden, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Russia, Czech, Belgium, Brazil, Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, Egypt, Georgia, Myanmar, Panama, Moldova, and Australia. Each month, nearly 25 cabinets (20ft) of products are exported to different countries in the world. And we offer OEM service. If you need truck wheel alignment, please contact us and we hope you can visit our factories by yourselves.

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