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  • Car Wheel Balancer
  • Car Wheel Balancer1. This model of wheel balancer has double screens and it is simple to operate.
    2. It has automatic calibration function.
    3. It can change the unit from gram to...
  • Truck Wheel Balancer
  • Truck Wheel BalancerThe CB1200 truck wheel balancer is suitable for garages, shipping companies and professional maintenance chain stores. It is equipped...
  • Laser Positioning Wheel Balancer
  • Laser Positioning Wheel Balancer1. Adopt 240*64 lattices LCD, flexible indicator operation function.
    2. Various balancing modes can carry out counterweights to stick,clamp,or hidden...

Wheel Balancer

The wheel balancer is a device that can minimize tires' centrifugal force so as to reduce tires' uncommon attrition and smooth tires' movement. It is one kind of frequently used auto repair equipment. The specific using procedures should be set according to the tires' types. For example, if the tires' type is: 185/60 R14 (seen on the tire's side), then 185 is the tires' width. The button in the middle can be measured by a clamp or be derived from the tires' type. R14 is the rim's diameter, measured in inch. The right button can pull the ruler on the wheel balancer to the rim distance. Not all wheel balancers are the same, so the specific steps should be established in line with instructions.

After being installed, the tire should be balanceable and rotate uniformly or it will cause shock, noise and wear and tear. Wheel balancers are used for measuring and regulating the balance to keep the tire balanceable and rotate uniformly.

The wheel balancer can work on truck tires and car tires. They are necessary tools to measure and correct the tires' balance. It's widely used in auto repair, auto beauty and auto maintenance.

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