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Butt Welding Machine

Butt Welding Machine

This product is a butt welding machine with strong functions by combining spot welding and butt welding together. It can achieve single-sided spot welding, double-sided butt welding by connecting it to different welding mesons. It can also be used for flattening the sinking and swelling on parts of the car, as well as spot weld screws, backings and heat parts of the device.
1. Our butt welding machine possesses a human-oriented design, an elegant and grand appearance. It is easy to move.
(1).The front wheel is a caster with a braking fixation device. Equipped with a broad, large and solid base, the machine can be applied to various complex environments.
(2).The upper main engine and the lower tool vehicle can be separated completely. Since welding torches and cables are heavy, the device is accompanied by a set of combination suspending equipment, which can revolve 360°. The suspending spring is durable and made of imported materials.
(3)The sheet metal forming is totally controlled by a digital device, strictly in conformity with European and American safety standards. The whole set has no welding joint because it is manufactured in the combination way which is convenient to install and dismantle.
2. The butt welding machine control system adopts the microcomputer control, LCD interface and sign schema of the function's state. The buttons used for choosing functions and adjusting parameters are made of PU materials with a smooth feel, an excellent durability, a fashionable design, which is in line with the features of this electronic and digital age. This machine has a multilingual software system, including Chinese and English, which possesses a complete IPR. This software covers the 8 current and time parameters of the sheet metal forming recovery functions and a device information function. It is among the most practical and expansive innovative designs in the fields of car body welding.
3. The butt welding machine's main part----pneumatic double-side spot welding torch, has a beautiful look with an easy operation and a superior capacity. Designs of some of the parts have already filed a patent.
4. Our butt welding machine carries out the cooling protection through compressed air, which can effectively guarantee the working conditions. Thus, the working efficiency of this machine can be increased by over 40% when it welds thick and multi-layer steel plates with a thickness of 2.5+2.5mm.

Technical Parameters of CRS-808 Butt Welding Machine:

Model CRS-808
Input Power 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Fuse 32A
Input Power 25KVA
Welding Current 9800A
Operation Pressure 5-8bar
Electrode Contact Pressure 117daN
Butt Welding Thickness 2.5mm+2.5mm
Spot Welding Thickness 2+1.2mm
Open-loop Voltage 12.1V
Protection lp21
Cable Diameter/ Length 95/120mm2/2.5m
Cable Material 100%Cu
Dimensions 62×58×205cm
Weight 110kg
Diameter of Maximum Welding Spot 7mm

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