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3D Wheel Alignment

Standard Model: 3D-I 3D Wheel Alignment
Dynamic Measurement
Rolling the vehicle in short distant, measure the TOE, Camber, Set-back, Thrust angle in two minutes.
3D Model Display
3D vehicle model display the data clearly, easy to operate with the shortcuts.

Enhanced Model: 3D-II 3D Wheel Alignment
Automatic Compensation
On the basic of the standard model, automatic compensation without rolling the vehicle, read the wheel base in 1 minute.
Automotive Chassis Measurement
Tack Width& wheelbase make the technician learn more about the vehicle.

Smart Model: 3D-III 3D Wheel Alignment
Automatic tracking the lift
The vehicle can be lifted to a comfortable height if needed, and the camera bar tracks four targets automatically and at any height. The camera system allows the technician to perform vehicle measurements and adjustments at the safest and the most convenient height-from the floor to the maximum height.

Extreme Model: 3D-IV 3D Wheel Alignment
Tire Diameter and Revolution Measurement
Mismatched tire size will make the vehicle can't go straight and tire will be badly worn. This function is the judgment for the tire worn and the tire pressure.

Steering System Measurement
Vehicle steering system measurement is the important judgment for the vehicle steering stability.

Specifications Standard Model 3D-I Enhanced Model 3D-II Smart Model 3D-III Extreme Model 3D-IV
3D Cameras
Camera post
Automatic Tracking Kits
IBM Computer
19 Inch LCD Monitor
Connecting Box
Dynamic Measurement
Special Clamp(Optional)
Steering Wheel-holder
Brake Pedal-depressor
User Manual
Features Standard Model 3D-I Enhanced Model 3D-II Smart Model 3D-III Extreme Model 3D-IV
Dynamic Measurement
Automatic Compensation
3D Vehicle Model Display
Thrust Angle
Track Width
Elevated Adjustments
Intellectual Program
Intuitive Measurement
Tire Diameter
Caster Trail
Remote (optional)

Technical Specification:

Accuracy Range
Display Accuracy 1' /0.01°/0.1mm
Camber ±2′ ±10°
Caster ±6′ ±20°
King-pin(SAI) ±6′ ±20°
Toe ±2′ ±20°
Set Back ±2′ ±5°
Thrust Angle ±2′ ±5°
Track Width ±2mm 1800mm
Wheelbase ±2mm 3300mm

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