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Spot Welding Machine

Spot Welding Machine

The CRS-58E combines the features of both the restoration machine and spot welding machine, containing the majority of recovery functions of car recovery devices. It can repair cars damaged in all kinds of accidents with a quick, convenient, delicate and perfect restoration effect. Meanwhile, it is used for spot wielding and fusing. Inheriting advanced European and American technologies, it performs well, really conforming to its call of “no worry about body restoration with one machine at hand".

Features of CRS-58E Spot Welding Machine:
1. An appearance design protected by the state patent bureau. Easy to move, practical to use.
2. Equipped with a changeable and multi-functional wielding torch and its accessories and a comprehensive recovering function.
3. The operating interface is convenient to use. The electric current's time duration is easily set. It is simple for operators to use and learn to use it.
4. Temperature alarming light is available to remind you of the device's state and prolong spot welding machine's life span.
5. The circuit is controlled by silicon with a stepless and precise adjustment. It is applicable to steel car bodies of various thicknesses.

Technical Parameters of CRS-58E Spot Welding Machine:

Model CRS-58E
Input Power 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Input Power 19KVA
Maximum Power Current (transient) 4800A
No-load ( stepless regulation) 0-10V
Fixed Work Time Range 0~1.2S
Dimensions 68×54×97CM
Weight 65kg

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