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Refrigerant Filling Recycling Machine

The refrigerant filling recycling machine as a universal device for car maintenance, should be easy to operate and lower maintenance workers' workload to the highest degree and recycle cold media as well as protect the environment. If no mechanical, electrical malfunction and no tube leakage is discovered after the cars' air conditioning system is checked, new refrigerant should be replenished.

Attentions of Refrigerant Filling Recycling Machine:
1.The oil plug on the vacuum pump must be replaced before using refrigerant filling recycling machine.
2.No high pressure is allowed on the vacuum gauge. Turn off the vacuum gauge's V3 before connecting high and low tubes or filling in refrigerant.
3.Turn off the valve with a proper strength. Lessen the torsion force as much as possible on the condition that no leakage occurs, which can lengthen the valve's life span. But even if the air-tight part is damaged after a long-term use, it is easy to repair and replace it.
4.Only purified refrigerant without solid mixtures can be adopted.
5.Turn off all the valves after the operation is completed.

Repairs and Maintenance of Refrigerant Filling Recycling Machine:
1.Frequently conduct self-examination on the machine's system. If slight leakage appears on the turning off valve, do not tighten it with a strong force. Instead, the valve can be dismantled to position the air-tight spot. In most cases, solid mixtures are stuck to the valve's air-tight surface which is made of ethylene. As long as the solids are removed, the valve can continue its work. When reassembling the valve, it is advisable to install the valve rod parts one by one into the valve's body in a kneading, careful and slow manner. The air-tight loop may be damaged due to a rapid installation.
2.Frequently examine the air-tight cushion of the liquid tube. Replace it immediately if damage is discovered.
3.The vacuum pump is not allowed to suck air over 3 minute in a row. If the oil is found black, or muddy, replace it as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, the oil should be replaced every 1000 hours.

Safety instructions:
Operators should wear gloves and protection goggle while monitoring refrigerant filling machine. Do not smoke near the device while the refrigerant filling machine is working. Never use refrigerant filling machine around a heat supply, fire or sparkles. Do not expose the device under the sun or to rainfalls. Please use it in the environment with good ventilation.

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