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  • Car Wheel AlignmentWheel alignment is important to a car or a truck. It involves three main measurements, that is, caster, camber, and toe...
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  • Truck Wheel Alignment1. Our truck wheel alignment adopts a sensor LCD screen. The measurement results can be read directly on the screen. It can work all-day...
  • 3D Wheel Alignment
  • 3D Wheel AlignmentDynamic Measurement
    Rolling the vehicle in short distant, measure the TOE, Camber, Set-back, Thrust angle in two minutes...
  • CCD Wheel Alignment
  • CCD Wheel Alignment1. Independent knowledge property right, and abundant vehicle data source, which provide long benefit for the customer;
    2. Advanced 8-beam CCD image...

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment's role is to keep cars moving in along the line, turning more easily and reduce the friction on the wheels and turning parts while the cars are driven. A long time use of cars might cause the turning to be heavy, shaking, deviating, distracted or single-side, wave-shaped and partial attrition of wheels and make cars floating, jolting or shaking when they are being driven. If the above-said problems occur, it should be considered to examine wheels' alignment figures to check whether there is to great a deviation and render an immediate repair. The wheel alignment is one of the necessary devices in the auto repair equipment.

1. Car checking before the alignment
(1). Check cars' wheel bearings, suspension devices, turning system to prevent any gap or damage.
(2).The maximal depth of the axle's wheel tread is 2mm and the inflation pressure is up to the standard.
(3).The cars' weight is that of all the devices.
2. Alignment requirements
(1). Cars should be driven into the lifter in a backward manner. The car's center matches that of the rotating plate.
(2). Examine and change cars' specifications when necessary.
(3). Operate in strict compliance with wheel alignment displayed procedures without any omission, for instance, make up for the axle deviation and examine the wheel according to requirements. The relevant data concerning tire checking should be input into the device as required.
(4).The wheel alignment parameters should accord with the demands written in the maintenance handbooks if each type of cars. Adjust those that are not in conformity with requirements. (except those that cannot be adapted)
(5).The adjusting methods of alignment parameters should echo the requirements written in the maintenance handbooks.
(6).The alignment outcomes should be reserved and printed.

1. To make cars more comfortable to drive.
2. Reduce oil consumption
3. Lengthen tires' life span.
4. Guarantee cars' stability in driving in a line.
5. Lower the attrition on the chassis' suspension parts.
6. Enhance driving safety.

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