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  • Full Automatic Tire Changer
  • Full Automatic Tire ChangerFull automatic tire changers are a type of frequently-used garage equipment. They can work on all kinds of tires and tire rims in the market...
  • Semi Automatic Tire Changer
  • Semi Automatic Tire ChangerThe semi automatic tire changer can exert the self-centering capability without any other special devices. Its slide base has the stepping function which is equipped...
  • Car Tire Changer
  • Car Tire ChangerThe combined GT228/GT990 is brand-new, full-automatic tire changer, capable handling 11.5"-24" stiff, wide and low-profile tires. As a unit integrated by...
  • Bus and Truck Tire Changer
  • Bus and Truck Tire ChangerWe offer N552, T568, T568, T598, T698, T980, and TY008 for your choice and they are applicable to tires of lorries, buses, tractors and engineering vehicles...
  • Motorcycle Tire Changer
  • Motorcycle Tire Changer1. Motorcycle tire changer with swing arm for rapid head positioning to the rim.
    2. Integrated demounting, mounting and inflating the tires, wide rim diameter...

Tire Changer

Tire changers are used to mount and dismount tires from automobile wheels. There are different tire changers for automobiles, motorcycles and heavy-duty trucks. It can change a low profile tire or a run-flat tire.

Tire Installation
Here are some procedures for the operator to install a tire onto a wheel by using a tire changer.
1. First, use the rim clamp mechanism to clamp the narrow bead-edge up of the wheel to fasten the wheel onto the table top.
2. Second, push the bottom bead in the wheel well first and then push the top bead down into the wheel's center well.
3. Then use the table top pedal to rotate the table top.
4. Then install a valve core.
5. Then inflate the tire slowly till the bead edge "pop".
6. Finally release the rim clamps and inflate the tire according to manufacturer specification.

How to choose a tire changer and some tips:
1. Check the electric machines' power ratings, generally speaking, the higher the power, the more stable the operation will be. Normal electric machines' power is above 1000W. When purchasing, you are advised to remove the side cover so as to check the power. An electric machine without obvious shaking and with little noise while working is preferable.

2. The speed reducer is a device to lower speed while tire changer transmits power. Ordinary alternating electric machines' revolving speed is over 100 rpm. Therefore, the speed must be reduced to about 100 rpm to lead to a normal function of the changer. Speed reducers are majorly made up of alloy, so the less noise is produced, the better the balancing capacity.

3. The quality of tire changer head also directly affects tire changer's quality. Head made of high quality steel possesses a scientific curve design so that its shape does not change even after a long time's use. Besides, it can smooth the installing and dismantling of tires and protecting tire rims without damage to tires. On the contrary, low quality heads are very rough without a scientific curve design which will make the installation and dismantling difficult and change the shapes of tires after several times. They will also scratch tires and tire rims easily. You should assemble and dismantle tires on the spot while purchasing to check the quality of heads.

Automatic tire changer heads share the same angle with different steel hoops. They are hard to bend and convenient to install and dismantle. After an adjustment, rear tires will not need other adjustments. They are most suitable for flat tires with aluminum wheel rim.

Mechanical hands: They are generally used to help with tire tool with a hard tire wall. Our tire changers can be equipped with mechanical hands.

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