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Single Post Lift

Single Post Lift

The single post lift is a specialized device that can lift cars on the ground to a certain height for maintenance. It is a typical device used for partial lift of cars and engineering vehicles to facilitate the change of tires and the repair of automotive chassis. With a beautiful appearance, single post lift is easy to operate and takes up little space which can lift heavy things up without much effort. It is both time-saving and energy-saving since it can be placed on the ground when not used. It is useful for cars' backing and placing objects and is indispensable for car repair. Single post lift can be divided into mobile and fixed ones. Single post mobile lift is mostly used indoors while single post fixed lift is applicable to outdoor places.

Features of JCY-1000 Single Post Lift:
1. Used for exporting, with a beautiful appearance, small occupation of space and a strong practicality
2. Driven by hydraulic pressure with a stable lift and descending
3. The chain lifting system
4. 220V and 380V are available for your choice

Technical Parameters of JCY-1000 Single Post Lift:

Lifting Capacity 1000kg
Lifting Time 50-60s
Lifting Height 1800mm
Overall Length 2500mm
Overall Height 2800mm
Overall Width 1900mm
Working Voltage 220v/380v
Net Weight 550kg

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