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Welding Machinery

The CRS-255/CRS-288 welding machinery can wield multiple types of metal with a slight heating impact and a delicate welding look. It can make sure that cars will not be deformed during the welding process, which conforms to the demands of modern car restoration craftsmanship. Our CRS-255/CRS-288 welding machinery is beautiful, practical, safe and reliable.
1.A continuous welding and spot welding function.
2.Able to wield a wide range of materials: steel and stainless steel
3.Set easily the current pulse-width/current pulse-width distance/ current's intensity/wire feeding speed.
4.A lot of kinds of welding wires are available: steel and stainless steel THLE/ UHTS (BORON STEEL)

Technical Parameters of CRS-255/CRS-288 Welding Machinery:

Model CRS-255 CRS-288
Input Power 220V/380V 50HZ 220V/380V 50HZ
Welding Current 250A 30% 280A 30%
Input Power 8KVA 11KVA
No-load Voltage 20-40V 22-42V
Steps of Current Regulation 10 10
Wire Feed Speed 2-25m/mm 2-25m/mm
Diameter of Welding Wire 0.8-1.2mm 0.8-1.2mm
Dimensions 42×85×75cm 42×85×75cm
Weight 80kg 82kg

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of welding machinery in China. We offer a variety of manufacture inverter plasma cutting machine, spot welding machine, butt welding machine, and battery charger.Each month, nearly 25 cabinets (20ft) of products are exported to different countries in the world. And we offer OEM service. If you need welding machinery, please contact us and we hope you can visit our factories by yourselves. We possess 10 years' experience of producing, selling and serving. Our company's products have been exported to Sweden, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Russia, Czech, Belgium, Brazil, Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, Egypt, Georgia, Myanmar, Panama, Moldova, and Australia.

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